Merry Maidens Stone Circle

Cornwall's most famous stone circle is not far from the very southwestern tip of England. The Merry Maidens circle may be the final anchor point along the legendary Old Straight Track of prehistoric monuments extending inland back to Glastonbury Tor, perhaps even to Stonehenge or Avebury and beyond.
Merry Maidens
This perfect appearance of this 78 foot diameter circle may or may not be attributed to its nineteenth century restoration. Each of the 19 squared-off stones is about 4 feet in height. Except for a wider opening to the east, shown in the lower left corner of the photo above, the stones are separated from their neighbors by approximately 12 feet. This deviation at the eastern compass point is suggestive of an archaeoastronomical purpose. However, legend contends that frolicking local maidens were petrified for their sin of dancing on the Sabbath.
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