1987 Canada CBC national TV news reporter Eve Savory recaps 1985 History on the Rocks documentary
1987 Canadian Broadcasting's science reporter Eve Savory recaps HOTR doc, KRMA Denver 1985
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Oklahoma Star Map in Cave One, Anubis Site, Oklahoma
Sacred EquinoX trailer

1 Chinese and 4 European constellations carved in Oklahoma's Anubis Cave 1
a quick cavalcade of active archaeostronomy at Anubis Caves in Oklahoma
documentary's Part 1 teaser

maverick archaeoastronomer Martin Brennan at Anubis for 2007 vernal equinox treat
icon of 2017 solar eclipse near Riverton WY
2017 Eclipse

200 camped
near midline
Riverton, WY

TV interview of Barry Fell in his San Diego home, retired Harvard Marine Biology professor, passionate linguist, diffusionist and best-selling author
Dr. Barry Fell in 1984
retired Harvard Prof., Diffusionism champ, pronounces Celtic C

1987 Canada TV news
science reporter Eve Savory recaps HOTR KRMA Denver 1985

archives of Colorado news follow-ups days before and a year after History on the Rocks aired (PDFs):
Glenwood Post — May 1985 — Rocky Mountain News June 1985AP Denver bureau — July 1986
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