Sacred EquinoX documentary returns to archaeoastronomy in October
my recent HD documentary on mid-American archaeoastronomical discoveries archaeology will not investigate
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Our World Premiere viewers September 21-23, 2018 totalled over a hundred during our free equinox weekend blast: ½ in the USA and ⅓ in Ireland. Viewed also in the UK, Canada, France, Spain, Portugal, Australia, Austria, Mexico, Germany and Italy.
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Scott Monahan
Sacred EquinoX: 68 minute independent documentary on visible archaeoastronomy and Gaelic Ogham writing resetting America's history no less than 1021 years before Columbus
Carl Lehrburger at Compass Cave, Summer Solstice 2017 Carl Lehrburger, research colleague, author Secrets of Ancient America
"I remain in awe of your monumental presentation and documentation of lost history. Well done! And so informational and inspirational!
...Sacred EquinoX should be mandatory viewing for 101 archaeology studies."
Michael Anthony at Newgrange, Mystical Ireland Anthony Murphy, author, Mythical Ireland, journalist and researcher in the Boyne Valley, north of Dublin near the Irish east coast
"Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful work. I'm watching it here and am in awe. You have been on an incredible journey and your work is very important."

Peter Faris, Rock Art Blog Peter Faris, 3 decade+ Colorado Archaeological Society member
excerpts from his Rock Art Blog posted May 20, 2017 — — "I happen to know some of the archaeoastronomy sites actually work as advertised, I have seen them do it. Monahan is a videographer and documentarian who has been recording archaeoastronomical sites for over 30 years, and attempting to confirm some of the claims of epigraphers."

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