French archaeoastronomy solution at Carnac
French astrophysicist André Maucherat's solution of Carnac's archaeoastronomical mysteries, pt. 4 en Français
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Carnac rows and rows of standing stones
Les Alignements de Carnac 1

iconic French archaeoastronomy
en Français  English CC  18:08
Carnac overlooks Atlantic on French coast
Les Alignements de Carnac 2

overlooks Atlantic coast
en Français  English CC  22:18
Carnac enigmatic megalithics nearby
Les Alignements de Carnac 3

enigmatic megalithics nearby
en Français  English CC  20:17
Les Alignements de Carnac 4
André Maucherat mythology

en Français  English CC  14:15

star field by Starry Night Backyard, formerly Imaginova, now Simulation Curriculum