scientists support astrophysicist André Maucherat's interpretations of Carnac's archaeoastronomy
scientists support astrophysicist André Maucherat's interpretations of Carnac's archaeoastronomy
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Carnac rows and rows of standing stones
Les Alignements de Carnac 1

iconic French archaeoastronomy
en Français  English CC  18:08
Carnac overlooks Atlantic on French coast
Les Alignements de Carnac 2

overlooks Atlantic coast
en Français  English CC  22:18
Carnac enigmatic megalithics nearby
Les Alignements de Carnac 3
enigmatic megalithics nearby
en Français  English CC  20:17
Les Alignements de Carnac 4
André Maucherat mythology
en Français  English CC  14:15

YouTube introduction: French-to-English translation:
Carnac’s alignments are considered one of the greatest enigmas of modern archaeology.
Could the mystery finally be revealed?

We — Archaeo Doxa assisting with the custom graphics — have verified the hypothesis of astrophysicist André Maucherat and conclude that field data and astronomy programs are in remarkable harmony. We were therefore involved in filming one of his lectures (on May 2, 2017) while adding our 3D animations and verifications using the program Stellarium. Our research continues at Carnac. notes: Engineer and surveyor Alexander Thom, credited with the earliest breakthroughs with respect to Stonehenge’s mysteries, spent years surveying Carnac, as well, many decades ago. Much of mainstream archaeology believed then, and even to this day, they somehow know better and dismiss Thom and the actual scientists who've investigated similar sites.
André Maucherat has remarked the main obstacle to his theory is that academics will not acknowledge how advanced our ancestors were to construct archaeoastronomical complexes such as Carnac.

britany in NE France
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