archaeoastronomy and pyramidology in Egypt
Archaeoastronomy as depicted dramatically in epic Hollywood movies
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screengrab of 2001: A Space Odessey
2001: A Space Odyssey

©1968 Turner Entertainment Co.
screengrab of
Raiders of the Lost Ark

©1981 Paramount Pictures
screengrab of Apocalypto

©2006 Touchstone Pictures
screengrab of Journey to the Center of the Earth
Journey to the Center of the Earth

©1959 Twentieth Century Fox
screengrab of National Treasure
National Treasure

©2004 Buena Vista Pictures Distribution
screengrab of Castaway

©2000 Twentieth Century Fox owner Time Hop Films, LLC claims Fair Use of limited and low resolution screen grabs from feature movies having visually included archaeoastronomy dramatizations. Any repurposing of these images, elsewhere, may not be permissible.
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